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I have joined GAO as a Physician and Clinical Coordinator in May 2003.
Since then I have been working in field of Clinical GI and Hepatology.
Managing office based GI patients including Inflammatory Bowel diseases.
My area of special interest is in the filed of Hepatology – ( eg Management Cirrhosis of Liver, Liver Cancer, Fatty Liver, Hepatitis (A,B and C) and abnormal Liver enzymes)
Another area of interest is in the filed of Inflammatory Bowel disease. We have many patient with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis that we are managing successfully at out office.
I have had Master in cancer biology at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. I did my post-doctoral Fellowship at Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, Canada.
Then had several Publications including Book Chapters in relation to Cancer reach in USA.
Before joining GAO, I was working as Research Faculty Member atDepartment of Surgery, University of South Florida working on Pancreatic Cancer Research.